Meet the Creator of Hairapy Essentials

Hi, my name is Tracie Ackerman and I'm a hair geek.

Tracie Ackerman-Creator, Hairapy Essentials

I'm known to many of my clients as a color specialist from my 23 years of working behind the chair in my salon, but after hearing so many of their struggles with haircare over the years, I knew haircare could be done better.
Hairapy Essentials was established in 2019 from the feedback I received by talking to real clients that sit in my chair each and every day.  Hearing about the struggles they face with their haircare at home.
After almost a year of gathering feedback, and testing over 100 products, Hairapy Essentials was created.

Now, I receive messages and get told every time my clients revisit me at the salon how Hairapy Essentials products have helped make them fall in love with their hair again and helped them achieve that 'just left the salon look' without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of products needed to achieve their dream hair goal.
Welcome to Hairapy Essentials.
If you can relate to any of the above struggles, may I invite you to see what we're all about.